Aww shucks...

"My husband and I could not have asked for a more relaxed and relatable photographer... We wanted someone that could make us feel comfortable and give us direction to ensure we captured the best moments. Brian spent an intimate afternoon with us... and got to know each of our friends and family... Brian was able to pick up on each of our personalities... to get candid reactions for each of us! Our wedding day was perfect and Brian was the ideal photographer to capture some truly remarkable photos of our special day."

"...The IDEAL photographer to capture some truly REMARKABLE photos..."

gabriel +  maria

No. 01

"...Nothing but positive things to say about working with Brian Ly Photography on our engagement photos! We were nervous going into the shoot about needing to come up with poses but Brian quickly put our minds at ease. He was extremely supportive and created genuine and candid moments throughout... Brian was professional, kind, and made this such a fun experience! We highly recommend hiring Brian Ly Photography to capture your special moments!"

"He is extremely SUPPORTIVE and created GENUINE and CANDID moments..."

rebecca + peter

No. 02

"... Before the shoot, we had some nerves around making the photos look natural and not knowing how to pose, but Brian completely set us at ease and made us feel comfortable... He is excellent at providing prompts and guidance to bring out our chemistry and what makes us "us."... Overall, we highly recommend Brian Ly Photography for any engaged (or not) couples who want some beautiful, natural-looking pictures that really capture their love in an authentic way."

"He is bring out our CHEMISTRY and what makes us 'US'."

aline + nicolas

No. 03

“Quality photography was always an investment that my fiancé and I were committed to... Obviously, we had our own worries and doubts, having heard many horror stories from friends and family, who paid a pretty penny for quality and timely photos that did not live up to their expectations… My fiancé and I have little no experience in front of camera… Right off the bat, Brian was able to settle those nerves down… He sat us down made us feel comfortable and guided us through the entire process... If you’re looking for a professional, easy-spoken, and creative photographer, Brian’s your guy.”

"... Made us feel COMFORTABLE and GUIDED us through the entire process..."

nina + ryan

No. 04

"Prior to our session... we didn't know what to expect, as we've done photoshoots in the past where they had us do more "posing", than natural candid photos... We immediately felt very comfortable and natural. It was so enjoyable, fun, and we laughed so much! It was the complete opposite of what we have experienced in the past. Being able to shoot with our dog was also a bonus! The experience and photos have surpassed our expectations and we would no doubt recommend Brian to photograph your dream photos too!"

"The experience and photos have SURPASSED our expectations..."

ken + rosalind

No. 05

"Our expectation... was that it'll be awkward and maybe a little daunting as we have very little experience being in front of the camera. But with Brian, he made us feel very comfortable and helped ease our nerves by giving us a rundown on what to expect and the helpful tips he provided throughout the session. Brian is an exceptional photographer and it shows with the work he produces. I am very happy with the end-product of our portraits he captured... Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a photographer."

"... Helped EASE our nerves..."

lisa + tung

No. 06

"... Loved the experience. We were really worried about our photos not looking natural, but Brian was able to make us feel comfortable and capture great candid moments. So happy we booked with him, definitely recommend to others."

"... LOVED the experience."

jaclyne + jordan

No. 07

"… I was scared we were going to look stiff and awkward… Brian gave us a couple of different prompts to act out or say to each other to catch our emotions and look natural. He definitely knew how to get the real emotions to come out! I didn’t look awkward like I thought I would thanks to the posing guidance from Brian… His guidance made us less nervous and he was able to capture beautiful moments!"

"... Knew how to get the REAL emotions to come out!"

mariel + mark

No. 08

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